Create & Curate

vLink Solutions uses a structured, Lean Video Production process, to CREATE all types of videos, virtual events, and live streams, then helps CURATE the resulting content to maximize engagement.



Create video effectively.  Our process ensures the creation of professional and compelling content that will produce measurable results for your business.


Begin the Creative Process!

  • Brainstorm objectives and ideas for your videos or live streams
  • Select concepts to support your marketing or event strategy
  • Outline campaigns that will achieve business objectives
  • Develop detailed run of shows to make sure your event goes smoothly


Create Actionable Plans!

  • Clarify your target audience to create focused messaging
  • Identify the key takeaways for the audience to support business objectives
  • Develop a strategy to drive production, promotion, and distribution schedules


Bringing Ideas to Life!

  • Build storyboards and scripting to deliver on-target messaging
  • Record or stream content from either one of our studios or on location
  • Manage all the technical aspects of the production or live stream
  • Complete post-production and refine the final video product

Curate effective video. Content curation is at the heart of driving and engaging your audience, increasing conversions, and delivering strong ROIs.


Location, Location, Location!

  • Identify the right hosting or streaming platform 

  • Make sure playback or viewing is consistent across device types

  • Ensure availability to your audience on the web and/or social networks


Get Your Content Seen!

  • Promote your content to drive views and/or virtual attendees

  • Build a video SEO strategy for your website or social media

  • Enhance distribution via email, marketing automation, and sales enablement


  Monitor Your Success!

  • Track viewing results and evaluate viewer engagement

  • Leverage reporting and best practices to refine your strategy

  • Understand viewer and attendee behavior and drive more success!

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